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Sunday, November 1, 2009

This week's featured Etsian - TheHipRevolution

This weeks featured Etsian is TheHipRevolution. She specializes in making hula hoops. To see all of the things that she has to offer, please see her Etsy shop. Here are a few of her items.

Collapsible Hoop Tote

One of the things that TheHipRevolution offers is a collapsible tote for hula hoops. They are perfect for protecting your lovely hoops- while adding convenience to traveling with them!

Fall Hula Hoop

Another item that TheHipRevolution has is a hoop made especially for fall. This 40 inch hoop offers a unique and festive array of colors perfect for any man or woman to hoop with!

Neon Shock Hula Hoop

This bright hoop is another one of TheHipRevolution's items. I think that this is one of my favorites. This shockingly vivid hoop, aptly named, the Neon Shock, is a 40" adult hoola hoop.

If you enjoy hula hooping, then you should definitely check out TheHipRevolution's Etsy shop!

If you would like to be next week's featured Etsian, just follow my blog and post a comment stating that you would like to be featured. Please include the name of your Etsy shop in your comment.

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  1. Cute bag!

    Like your blog! :)

    Mimi (from Etsy)

  2. Oh my goodness. Hula Hoops bring back such fond memories of my childhood. I could play with a hula hoop for hours. Not anymore, but what a great gift for kids!